House of Representatives 26 February 2018 - Rob Keating
House of Representatives - 26 February 2018

House of Representatives - 26 February 2018

Canberra, Australia, 26 February 2018: Lucy Wicks presents the 21st report of the Petitions Committee. "Today I present the 21st report of the Petitions Committee for the 45th Parliament, together with three petitions and 10 ministerial responses to petitions previously presented.

The three petitions in this report have been received from one of two nationwide campaigns—one seeking environmental reform and one seeking gambling reform.

Over the past six months, the committee has received over 150 of these campaign petitions. The committee thanks those involved in organising these petitions within their local communities, and we continue to welcome this level of engagementin the petitioning process.

In total, these campaign petitions added up to over 42,000 signatures. In this parliament so far, the committee has processed paper petitions with a total signature count in excess of 260,000 signatures. Each of these petitions werehand signed by citizens all around the country who wanted to have their say and support a cause they care about.

We continue to encourage all people seeking change or action within their communities to actively engage with parliament. This can be done by initiating, promoting or signing a petition through our e-petitions system, or by signing a paper petition at the local shops or a community event.

To my fellow members of parliament, I encourage you to continue actively promoting the right foryour constituents to petition the House, and I thank you for your ongoing support for the petitioning process.

I will continue to provide updates to the House on the work of the Petitions Committee." said Mrs Wicks the member for Robertson (Photo by Rob Keating/Keating Media)