Minister Josh Frydenberg - 11 April 2018 - Rob Keating
National Press Club Address - Josh Frydenberg

National Press Club Address - Josh Frydenberg

Canberra - 11 April 2018: The Minister for the Environment and Energy Josh Frydenberg as he delivers his National Press Club Address. Frydenberg said, "Consumers, who once sat passively at the end of the supply chain, receiving a homogeneous product from state owned utilities, are now empowered through technology to choose how and when power is generated, stored and used. 

In fact, with nearly 20 per cent of homes now having solar panels – the highest on a per capita basis in the world – the generating capacity sitting on Australian rooftops is twice that of Australia’s biggest power plant.

The issue of emissions reduction has moved from the pages of scientific journals to the agenda papers of boardrooms.

Treaties have been signed, commitments made and governments around the world are taking action. " (Photo by Rob Keating)